The lessons are a first correct approach to figure skating and ice hockey for people who have no experience or little experience. Participants will be taught the correct posture, basic movements (balance, turns, backward movement, etc.) and will become familiar with the sport of skating.


Who can participate?

The courses are aimed at people of all ages and levels

What groups are there?

For all!

At our ice rinks you will find beginner sections for children 4-6 years old, 7-12 years old, for teenagers and adults, advanced sections for synchronized skating and a competition section.

Young children can usually start at the age of 4-5 years, but in each case their different potential and pace of development play a role (eg there are children who have started from the age of 3, but also international figure skating champions who started training in adolescence).

Children aged 4-6 should be able to stand on their own with ice skates in order to attend the group program. Otherwise, it is recommended to attend some individual courses (usually no more than 1-4 courses are needed) before joining the group.

For many teenagers or adults, skating is a “repulsion” that they have always wanted to try. Group lessons offer this possibility safely and in practice: from the first lesson with our experienced coaches, even adults, they balance without holding back, while after a month, they have learned to slide on the ice and already start turns or even backward skating!

How many people does each team have?

The maximum number is 9 people per coach for beginner teams. For advanced groups, the number may be a little higher.

Who is coaching?

The coaches are experienced figure skaters and ice hockey players with coaching experience.

The equipment?

Ice skates are included in the ticket price. If you want, along the way, you can buy your own ice skates from our specialty store. This also helps in better skating learning. In class, it is good to wear comfortable, warm clothes, socks over the ankle and gloves.

Is there a risk of injury?

As in all sports, so in skating, there is a risk of injury. It is mainly located in the possible falls; however, it is minimized if one follows the instructions of the coach.

Where lessons taking part?

At Onice is skating rinks. You can find them here



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