If you want to celebrate your holiday or birthday in a unique way, the Onice’s ice rinks are available! Our spaces are ideal for the event you have thought of, as it combines both an original fun activity, skating, and the comforts of a fully equipped space.


From what age can children enter for skating?

Usually from the age of 5 they can all skate with normal ice skates. Of course, there are always individual differences, depending on each child. However, bobskates are also available, for shoe numbers up to about 34, which are double-edged ice skates that are worn over the regular shoe and are particularly easy and ideal for a first “acquaintance” with the ice.

What children who skate need to wear?

Those who will skate, it is good to wear comfortable, warm clothes, simple gloves and socks above the ankle. Some people like to wear a second pair of socks or change after the end of skating.

Is there a party decoration in the space?

At the party venue, where children usually cut the cake and eat, there is a party character with garlands and stickers. If you want extra decoration in arrangement with us, you can come a bit earlier, add what you want and remove it again at the end of the party.

Can I have food or sweets?

You can bring your own food or sweets, if you want to offer to your guests. Also, after informing us, you can order from your own catering or order pizza or souvlaki at your party time.

What else do we need?

Only your good mood! Nothing else! Inside the track, follow the supervisor’s instructions. Please help his / her work by informing the children in advance that they must obey him / her. The supervisor has the right to take anyone off the track if he deems it to be dangerous. This ensures everyone and contributes to the success of your event!

Have fun!



If you want to have the best ice rink in your city or for your event, fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss the options provided to you, without any commitment.