When some components do not work as we would like, the real importance of technical perfection becomes obvious. For this reason, the Ice-World ice rink system has been extensively designed and processed down to the smallest technical detail.

Ice rink system

Ice-World manufactures ice rink systems. All systems use real ice, not synthetic ice sheets. The folding aluminum rink. These are state-of-the-art ice rinks that are easy to install, without the use of special assembly staff. The rink consists entirely of pieces of aluminum that unfold and do not require assembly. Installation takes just a few hours. This patented folding ice rink system is unique, but due to the high investment required it is only used for long term rental contracts. Customers can install this type of ice rink themselves.

The folding aluminum ice skating rink

We started making ice skating rinks from EPDM tires for sale and rent in 1992. In recent years, many competitors have launched similar products on the market. EPDM has several weaknesses. In 2001, Ice-World launched a search for a viable alternative and in the winter of 2003/04 installed the first new high-success aluminum ice rinks (see News & Projects). In the 2004/05 season we replaced all the EPDM tire skating rinks with the “revolutionary aluminum ice skating rink


No more leaks or problems

The whole ice base is assembled and tested in our factory. A final check during construction ensures a pleasant and hassle-free season.

Fast ice formation

With the folding aluminum ice rink, we fill the entire track with water at a height of seven centimeters with a single effort. The cooling machines start operating and within 12-24 hours the ice rink can be opened, almost regardless of the outside temperature. No work is required and much less energy is wasted. In contrast, EPDM ice rinks take 36 hours to fill to form a layer of ice of sufficient thickness, and work is required at night when it is colder. Even then, the outside temperature should not be too high or too windy.

Proven quality

The folding aluminum Iice skating rink has already proven its quality in more than 600 locations. Many newspapers, commercial newspapers, and even television programs have reported on the revolutionary ice skating rink. All customers, without exception, were extremely satisfied.

Extremely low energy consumption

The energy conductivity of aluminum is thousands of times more efficient than EPDM technology. Combined with the setting of the cooling machine, you will save 30-40% in energy costs. The control of the refrigeration equipment includes the possibility of full synchronization of the machines with the energy requirements, while sometimes it can be closed at night. Fast power transfer makes adjustments quick and easy. The ice moistened by the rain dries in just a few minutes.

An environmentally friendly product

Ice rinks often operate with a refrigerant called glycol, which circulates inside the ice base. In this way, the cold is transferred from the cooling machine to the track. For a number of years, Ice-World has been using the most expensive but environmentally friendly propylene glycol, which is also used in the food industry. No amount of glycol is released into the environment during the installation of this unique track. The liquid is drained before disassembly without any loss of refrigerant. Unlike the versatile EPDM system, the chances of leakage are almost zero. Low energy consumption is also a strong argument for the environment.

Perfect ice in bad weather conditions

Wind, sun and rain combined with high temperatures may cause the ice to melt at some point. As the collapsible aluminum rink transports ice to the ice much faster and more quickly, it is much less sensitive to bad weather compared to existing systems. After a rain, the rink dries much faster and even in bad weather it usually stays open, which can be important for your pocket!

Simple assembly and disassembly

There is no way something will go wrong when placing the ice base. There is no need for specialized knowledge. Ice-World always provides you with one or two experienced specialists who supervise the installation and dismantling of the ice rink. The tenant must provide six assistants for two hours who will unfold and fold the track. Our refrigeration technician will install and connect the refrigeration equipment.


OnIce and Ice-World work with Aggreko, the largest company in the world that has been renting refrigeration and freezing equipment for a number of years. As a result of this close cooperation, we have at our disposal the most modern equipment and the most advanced technology. Aggreko engineers are trained by us so that they can deal effectively with the special applications of Ice-World. Aggreko maintains a variety of generators for Ice-World, which allows us to deal with any shortages in the power supply for the ice rinks at any time. As we have to retain corporate responsibility for technology, we cannot accept generators from other suppliers on our ice rinks. Visit www.aggreko.com for more information on Aggreko.


The ice rinks that are less than 600 sq.m. can be cleaned with the special cleaning tools (snow board) provided. Once the dust is removed, the ice is lightly sprayed with water to create ice again. We can provide motorized equipment, such as large ice scrapers for larger ice rinks, but a simpler solution is generally used. (see image)



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